About Me

As a seasoned professional w​ith 20 years of​ experience in​ ​marketing brands through commercial visual arts​,​ ​as well as 12 years in the ​”​digital world​”​, ​I have become astutely aware of ​​how quickly and dramatically the​ scope of the world is expanding. I believe that use of technology-related products now comprises greater than 50% of the average human’s behaviors and actions.

The ​manner in which we ​communicate, the way we receive ​information, ​and ​​the means by which we ​interact with others have all significantly changed within the past few years.​ ​As a result, we as human beings have effectively become “cyborgs”, and like “cyborgs”, our means of understanding things and using them is changing drastically. ​ Through proper marketing and branding, and in conjunction with ever-changing technology,​ ​there are ways to ​embed ideas in peoples​’​ head​s​ that​ can significantly alter the way they behave and do things.

I like that.

Armed with a thorough knowledge of new technologies and an understanding of the way they impact human behaviors, I genuinely enjoy the challenge of​ ​find​ing​ ​innovative​ and effective w​ays to ​communicate brands to​ ​people​ and ​​​​subtly ​disrupt ​their​ ​daily habits​ by ​​​​ultimately mak​ing​ ​them want something that they ​​didn’t even know they wanted. Innovation is my unique ability and strength.

What is needed to effectively reach these consumers is an accomplished professional who possesses and exhibits the perfect combination of creativity, visual arts, technology​ ​knowledge, ​and marketing prowess, in addition to a deep understand​ing​ of the social and psycholog​ical​ patterns​ that shape consumer behaviors. I am this person.

  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Brand Manage
  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Digital Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • FrontEnd Code
  • BackEnd Cod
  • SEO
  • AI
  • Tech Innovation
  • App Development
  • Software Experimental
  • Agile Methodology